Special Delivery: Pivoting through the pandemic

It's now day 1,058,607 or at least it feels like it. Life as we know it, changed overnight. I remember March 13th like it was yesterday. If you're new here, I'm also an educator, so the dynamics personally and professionally changed immediately that day. While we figured out what our new normal looked like at home, re-imagining my business was at the forefront.

Here are 3 things I leaned on through the process:

1. Don't Lose Sight

At first it was overwhelming, but when I went back to my vision for 2020, I simply restructured how I would get there. I set my sight on increasing my reach, changing the how was the only adjustment. It's important to realize that even in a pandemic, things can still work out for your good, sometimes even better. Don't let go of what you envisioned, press harder and pivot your process. Your success is in sight.

2. Consider An Alternative

What is an alternative to your current product or service? Maybe you can't meet with your clients in person or host a huge networking event to market your business. Instead, think about what people actually need and consider multiple and varied ways to get it to them. I knew I wanted to get flowers in the hands of more people, more often, so I pivoted my business model to offer just that. Is it perfect, absolutely not. But I listened to what people were asking for, some joy in the midst of all the crazy, and provided an alternative to how they might ordinarily receive it.

3. Give Yourself Grace

I know, I know, You hear this all the time, but do you actually allow yourself to do that? I know I don't. I used to fear failing and was hard on myself if things weren't perfect. This has been especially hard during Covid-19 because there's so much out of our own control. What we can control is how we react when things don't go quite like we expect. It wasn't until I allowed myself the space to feel all the emotions. To not overthink, just do. In business and life, we won't always get it right, so when we don't we have to give ourselves grace, then use it as a learning experience.

The next time there's a crisis, heck while we're still in this crisis, don't forget you can still dream big. The road there may look different and the timing adjusted, but if you're gentle with yourself through the process, success will be on the other side. As we continue to tread lightly through our current crisis, I hope you share some things that have worked for you. Someone needs to hear it.

Until next time.

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