Coronavirus Weddings: Love is not cancelled

If you're reading this and recently had to cancel or postpone your wedding, I'm sorry. The events industry is sorry. Right now as we continue to fight the pandemic we're having to rethink all of the major celebrations in our lives. While it has devastated the industry at large, I have to see the bright side....this pandemic has made us all focus on what's important, togetherness. Even though you can't have 100+ like you originally planned, it doesn't mean you have to forgo it all.

Instead, try these ways to still have a wedding during Covid19:

Scale back your list...A lot

You still want to have your wedding and you don't want to postpone, so do it! So when Shalyce Tyson of Sensational Soirees called me to help Kaliyma and Jabali do just that, I had to say yes. A intimate wedding makes room for you to focus on details that make lasting memories. More flowers (I just couldn't help myself), private chef dinner, and of course luxury details. People will understand if they don't make the cut and if they don't, too bad. Your wedding is about the two people committing themselves to one another and nothing else. All the other "stuff" is nice, but not necessary.

Intimate Ceremony Now...Party Later

If you're like me, you love a good party. Many have decided to celebrate on their original wedding date with immediate close family and friends. Leaving the big celebration for next year or later. The way I see it, we will all need a celebration after we make it through the worst time in modern history. Some say, make it an anniversary party, I say, make it whatever day you want. Waking up is always a reason to celebrate!

Use technology to your advantage

The Smith's decided to live stream their mini wedding via Chip Dizard's new service. In the wake of this pandemic, we are using technology the way it was always intended, to connect people. With internet access and professional live streaming company, your guests will be able to share in the moment with you from anywhere in the world.

Whatever you choose, know that love is not cancelled. The most important part of the wedding is the actual marriage. Whether celebrated now or later, make it an unforgettable one!

Floral regards,


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